Which flavor of Vapengin Vape Pod Disposable 5500 is better?

Vapengin is a disposable vape pod product with a variety of flavors such as pure fruit, cool mint fruit, cool beverage, greasy drink… it’s easy for you to choose your favorite flavor mine. Vapengin contains 15ml of vape oil with a nicotine concentration of 50mg (5%), equivalent to the maximum number of puffs that can be up to 5500 puffs. This is one of the disposable vape pods with the most suction on the market with a Type-C charging port that supports recharging the device’s battery and below are the best flavors of Vapengine

Vapengin Watermelon Ice

Watermelon is a flavor that appears in all disposable vape pod brands on the market. Vapengin Watermelon Ice has the taste of ripe red watermelon with a hint of cool mint, helping you enjoy the cool watermelon flavor and extremely refreshing in the heat of summer.

Vapengin Passionfruit Kiwi Guava

A blend of light fruit flavors including passion fruit, kiwi and guava in Vapengin Passionfruit Kiwi Guava. You will fully enjoy three fruit flavors that blend together very specifically, each flavor can be felt very clearly without any taste being too strong or too light.

Vapegin Grape Energy

Energy drinks and grapes are two flavors that are also quite common in any disposable vape pod brand on the market, but energy drinks with grapes can only be found at Vapengin Grape Energy. . You will feel the sweet grape flavor along with the typical mild sourness of energy drinks and finally a little coolness to add perfection to this flavor.

Vapengin Russian Cream

Vapengin Russian Cream will bring you a true White Russian cocktail with the aroma of coffee, the fatty taste of cream and the mild spicy taste of Vodka. What could be better than sitting in the sudden rains of Saigon and enjoying a glass of White Russian and watching the movie The Big Lebowski

Vapengin Pink Lemonade

“Pink Lemonade” is the name of a drink that was accidentally discovered in 1912 by Henry E. “Sanchez” Allott – when he was a salesman selling lemonade “lemonade” in the circus and accidentally made some. Red cinnamon candy in a glass of lemonade. Lemonade is not very popular in tropical countries like Vietnam but you can fully enjoy the taste of this very popular beverage in Europe – America with Vapengin Pink Lemonade.