Snowwolf 6000puffs

List of flavors: Strawberry + Banana, Strawberry + Mango, Mango + Peach, Watermelon, Watermelon + Raspberry, Cold Melon, Apple + Cold Grape, Cotton candy, Fruit marshmallow, Cold mint, Raspberry Green, Raspberry mix flavors.


Snowwolf 6000 Max is a one-time pods that have just been released by the Snowwolf vape house, but when it comes to Snowwolf, we don’t need to say much, right. Let’s take a look at some product design information to see what this vape will do.

The inside of the device uses a grid-configured coil for the smoothest and purest flavor. And the device is also said to generate tons of steam.
The product has a built-in rechargeable 500mAh battery to ensure sufficient battery supply for users. The device has stable performance and the blue LED that lights up next to the port will turn off once the battery has reached full voltage.

Multiple protections are also implemented in this vape to protect against any dangerous situations. These include charge protection, overvoltage protection, and more.

All components of Snowwolf 6000 are eco-friendly and hygienic. In fact, the combustion chamber is made from high-quality stainless steel, while other parts, such as the mouthpiece, use food-grade PCTG material.

Each Snowwolf 600 unit comes in a rich color palette of its own. The shape of this device is also very unique, it fits in a pocket better than the tube-style disposable devices common in the vape market.

Device Information:

Nic concentration: Nicotine 50mg (5%)

Suction: 6000 times

Capacity: 15ml

Coil: 1.0Ω

Rechargeable battery: 500mAh (Type-C Port)


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