Phantom pods

Taste list: Cold Grape, Lemon Mint, Cantaloupe, Cold Grapefruit, Lemon Mojito Cocktail, Plum, Watermelon, Lychee, Taro Ice Cream, Pineapple, Green Bean, Apple, Peach Oolong Tea, Cola, Orange, Cold Cherry , Guava.


After releasing the Relx Phantom device, the manufacturer has finally released a list of the latest researched and improved Phantom pods for the device of the same name.

In terms of oil leakage, Phantom uses an 11-layer labyrinth structure, and the oil leak resistance is 40% higher than that of the first generation RELX product. The innovative design of the independent pressure relief hole at the bottom of the pod system can equalize the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the pod system, which greatly eliminates the risk of the device being oversensitive and spontaneous. Start-up makes it safer to use.

Infinity pods or Phantom pods are compatible with each other and can be used crosswise. The only difference is in the design of the nozzle and while the Infinity feels more cooling because most flavors contain mint, the Phantom feels smooth and perfect when vaping.

In terms of packaging, Phantom has an eye-catching packaging design that clearly shows the taste through the outside image and each pack contains 3 pods inside.

Product information:

Name: Relx Phantom pod

Scope: Suitable for both Relx Infinity, Relx Essential, Relx Phantom.

Capacity: 1.9ml

Essential Oil Type: Saltnic

Concentration: 3%, 5%

Not able to reuse to refill essential oil


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