Phantom device

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After a long time of research and verification, the Relx pod family has finally released the latest version – the 5th generation of the Relx Pods System line called Relx Phantom. This is not only a new product but also converges many outstanding features. Relx phantom gen 5 is not only for those who are new to the game, but also very suitable for those who are looking to quit smoking.

To overcome the situation of leaking essential oils, the pod is designed with air holes in the classic maze style. Through the maze structure with 11 layers, the product is able to prevent water from condensing, ventilating and at the same time isolating the e-liquid independently. The Pod has better control over the air exchange modules and compensates for the pressure on the injector. In particular, pod relx phantom prevents electronic oil leakage by more than 40% compared to the old version.
The new RELX Phantom is very similar to RELX Infinity, with a smooth metal surface that is very comfortable to the touch. RELX has put a lot of thought into the Phantom’s LEDs – each of the four can light up separately and one represents 25% of the battery, which means you can see how much battery life is on the machine.


Dimensions: 112 × 23 × 10 mml

Weight: 25 grams

Battery: 380 mAh

Charging port: USB Type-C

Charging time: 45 minutes

Up to 400 puffs when fully charged

Leak-proof ventilation holes

Battery indicator light


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