Infinity pods

List of flavors: Cold Passion Fruit, Cold Pineapple, Grapefruit Honey, Green Tea, Grape Apple, Cold Guava, Cold Peach, Cold Apple, Lemon Soda, Cold Orange, Cold Grape, Cold Mango, Cold Sarsi, Cantaloupe, Coca , Cold Watermelon, Cold Strawberry, Caphe latte, Cold Raspberry, Mint.


The Infinity pods are specifically designed by the manufacturer to be used with its Relx Infinity device. Although they say they are made specifically for Relx Infinity, they are suitable for all Relx Gen 4 (Infinity, Essential) and Gen 5 (Phantom) devices.
Usage is simple: You just need to take a pod out of its wrapper, remove the lid and silicone pads from top to bottom, insert into the battery body and suck on the suction cup. The Pod head is extremely well designed, perfect in that when connected to the body without any deviation, it is like a seamless and very solid block. The tip is designed in the shape of a duck’s beak, which fits the mouth for a very smooth and comfortable sucking feeling.

Each pod will have a QR code and you can check the authenticity if you scan them. The pods will be color coded, which makes for an absolutely amazing experience when experiencing each flavor, with each flavor being a different color that is extremely eye-catching and colorful. This proves that RELX has been very interested in the use of consumers.

In addition, the pod head contains up to 1.9ml of Saltnic essential oil with 2 levels of 3% (30mg) and 5% (50mg). RELX claims that a single pod can take 500-650 puffs but in reality it can go up to 700-800 puffs. And comes with delicious fruit flavors suitable for many choices of customers.

Pods of the same line are usually sold in a box of 3 pod heads, while Pod Infinity is not like that, the company has made boxes containing only a single head that is very suitable for taste testing and selection. taste your favorite.

Product information:

Name: Relx Infinity pod

Scope: Suitable for both Relx Infinity, Relx Essential, Relx Phantom.

Capacity: 1.9ml

Essential Oil Type: Saltnic

Concentration: 3%, 5%

There is no possibility of reuse to refill essential oils.


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