Infinity device

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Relx Infinity is the 4th generation of the Relx family, it is very similar in size and weight to previous RELX products such as the RELX Classic, but feels better in the hand due to its more rounded design. It can be affirmed that the Relx Infinity pod system is worth choosing and testing. This line of pod systems has won the Reddot Award 2020. This proves how great the appeal of this product is. Pod system Relx Infinity possesses a design like an eye-catching colorful pen that is easy to carry with you, quite simple, compact but full of sophistication.

The latest innovation in the design of this product line is that it is divided into two very distinct parts, the pod containing the vape oil and the body. The body is the main control unit of the product. The improved Relx Infinity pod head is smoother and flatter, making it very comfortable on the lips and providing a much more comfortable sucking sensation.

One of the next advantages of the Relx Infinity pod system is to optimize the features to bring the most perfect experience. Product features like anti-oil leak, and the device will respond and vibrate when you insert the pod into the body. So, when the vape is heated, it creates a thick and rich smoke with the finest tobacco flavors.

Along with that is the latest technology that does not burn but bakes black porcelain to help bring about the ultimate taste experience, combined with high-end Smart Pace Vibration technology – which notifies users when they have smoked more than 15 times continuously. within ten minutes.

Technical information:

Dimensions: 112 mm x 23 mm x 10 mm

Weight: 25 grams

Built-in battery: 380mAh

Fast charging with Type-C . cable

SuperSmooth Technology

Auto Activation

Connecting Magnetic Pod

Modern black porcelain firing technology


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