Elfbar BC 3000puffs


Taste list: Strawberry + Kiwi, Strawberry Cream, Strawberry + Mango, Cold Watermelon, Watermelon + Mango + Peach, Mango + Peach, Kiwi + Guava + Passion fruit, Cold Blue Raspberry, Cranberry + Grape, Cocktail Red Mojito, Sakura Grape



Each Elf Bar BC3000 comes with a pre-filled 10ml E-Liquid and is powered by a built-in 650mAh battery! The signature flag design and dual contrast color combination make for a compact and stylish vape. Despite the small size design, each vape pen can deliver more than 3000puffs, the rechargeable device ensures users enjoy to the last drop of e-liquid.

Elf Bar delivers with purest flavor thanks to dual mesh coils! If you are looking for a new one time pods then Elf Bar BC3000 is a great choice!

Product information

Battery: 650mAh

Contains dual mesh reel

Capacity: 10ml

Nic concentration: 5%


Additional information

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