Specializing in retailing electronic cigarettes, cheap vape, podsystem, 1 time pod, genuine malaysia american vape essential oil for many years operating in the market.

Vape is one of the indispensable items of today’s youth. Currently, on the market, there are many models of Vape devices, essential oils, accessories …. However, how to choose a vape kit that is right for you? That’s always a big question.

ELECTRONIC Vape was born with the desire to bring the best, most quality, most fashionable products and more especially suitable for each individual customer.

Our products

  • Electronic cigarettes
  • Cheap vape
  • Podsystem
  • Pod 1 time
  • Vape Essential Oil

Why should choose us?

Providing wholesale and retail

Goods are always plentiful and sufficient for every customer. With the policy of wholesale and retail prices, there are many incentives

Gold Warranty

Products sold are warranted for 1 to 1 exchange within 7 days against manufacturing defects. Money-back guarantee if not satisfied with warranty service.

Safe product

Always safe for consumers, no fire, no allergens, no stimulants…

100% are true to the quality

No product is loose in quality control, especially 1100% is true to quality


Coming to ELECTRONIC Vape, you will feel satisfied and comfortable about the service attitude. With an approachable and friendly staff, besides being experienced and knowledgeable about Vape, essential oils, accessories, we can advise customers on the use of Vape in accordance with the intended use of each person. client.

New product

Hot products, loved by many people, are carefully selected before being sold. Reasonable price does not mean poor quality.

Try and feel our excellent quality and superior customer care policy

Product quality is always focused, our products are always of the best quality. Coming to ELECTRIC Vape, you will own Vape devices with the best quality and reasonable price.

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