How to use the built-in vape battery in the right way?

Most users think that charging vape batteries and other portable electronic devices is an extremely simple thing, you just need to plug the cord into the available charging port on the device and you’re done. Such a way to charge a battery is only enough in the criteria that it can charge the device’s battery, but it does not meet the criteria for properly charging the vape device. Proper charging helps you prolong the life of your vape battery and also the life of your vape device as most vape pod systems today use a built-in non-replaceable battery. This article will only cover the issue of charging for vape devices that use a non-replaceable built-in battery, you can refer to “Safety tips for using vape batteries” for devices. vape uses removable batteries. So how to properly charge the built-in vape battery?

Notes when charging the built-in battery on the vape pod system:

  • Always use a charger with a voltage suitable for each individual product, read product information on the website saigonvape.net or ask a salesperson directly for information.
  • Always use the charging cable that came with the product or the original product from well-known, proven brands.
  • Power from USB ports on electronic devices such as laptops, PCs, etc. can also be used to charge batteries.
  • Do not allow the device to continue charging after the battery is fully charged (overcharge).
  • Do not use the device, causing strong physical impact to the device while it is plugged in.
  • Always keep an eye on the device when it is plugged in, do not charge overnight, do not pin the charger when the device is out of sight.

How to preserve to increase the life of vape batteries

How to use and charge a Vape battery properly is important, but how to preserve it, you should pay attention to the following:

  • Always keep the battery in a cool, dry place
  • Avoid placing in a humid, moldy place
  • Store carefully to avoid dropping and damaging the battery
  • Do not keep the Vape battery close to metal
  • If you want to be more careful and safe, you should use an insulated battery – with an insulating cover on the outside.

Instructions on how to charge a standard vape battery without adjustment

Do not overcharge or undercharge

Users should note that Vape manufacturers recommend that the battery should not be over discharged or overcharged. A small, seemingly trivial mistake everyone makes, but the great harm left is forgetting to stop the power supply when the battery is full. This phenomenon if left for a long time will lead to the battery being bottle, the battery life does not last long.

But if you use Vape when the battery is not full, it is very easy to shorten the life of the battery. According to the manufacturer’s instructions for using the correct way, you should use it when the battery is just full, when the battery is not full or plugged in for a long time, which is not recommended. To be able to use it safely, you should prepare smart charging devices that automatically cut off power when the battery is full.

Do not short circuit the battery

A battery short circuit is a phenomenon where a large current occurs, causing fire, explosion, battery and device damage, and worse, causing burns to hands when touched. Usually this only happens to inexperienced people.

When customers are not used to using Vape coils, short circuits will easily occur. The batteries that appear short circuit are often discharged through the vape coil, but the frequency is too high.

The advice from the manufacturer is that users should carefully study the battery parameters before using. You can easily use phone apps to measure the smart fit automatically.

Do not use incompatible chargers

It can be said that users prefer fast chargers to shorten the waiting time for a full battery. However, avoid choosing high-current chargers because it has many potential dangers.

It can make the battery easily damaged, heat up quickly, and become difficult to control. In particular, it is easy to affect e-cigarette devices when using incompatible items.

The solution is that users should use a normal charger, which takes time but is extremely safe and prolongs the life of the battery.