Some notes when choosing Vape drugs

Vape became popular and many people wanted to learn to switch to vaping instead of traditional cigarettes, but there are too many types on the market. So which type of Vape should you choose?

Through that, this article also helps customers prepare to switch to vape by answering the following questions:

1. New to vape, which set should I choose?
2. What kind of smoke should you choose to play?
3. Which type is durable and can be used for a long time?
4. I just want to quit smoking? Please choose the right vape for me.

Note 1: Don’t fall in love with products that are too small, shaped like a pen… Vape has been in development for quite some time, so there have been many improvements and changes, so current vape products are very popular. smart and modern. They are a complex of sophisticated electronic circuits with individual processor chips for each company. So vape can be small but not as small as the size of a cigarette or a ballpoint pen. Small product lines such as cigarette shapes, pens such as Ego-C, Ego-T, Ego-CE4, CE4, Evod-MT3…. are old products and these types of products have been discontinued and banned for sale because of the use of ultra-thin silicate (a type of glass fiber) as a conducting material, if it is accidentally sucked into the lungs, it will not be able to be removed because the material This material is inorganic and cannot decompose and cannot be visualized by X-ray films.

Please remember to note: Vape can be compact, but at an acceptable level, it cannot be as compact as a pen or cigarette.

Electronic Vape

Note 2: Choose the whole Pod system or choose the box and separate combustion chamber?

Depending on the needs of use, users can choose both a set of Pod System or buy a machine and a separate combustion chamber to combine into a set. Usually new players will often choose Pod System because it already has a box and combustion chamber inside. Users just need to add oil to use this is the right choice for those who use it to quit smoking, use it for a short time. However, if economic conditions are comfortable and there is a need for long-term use, we recommend choosing a 2-pin starter kit or buying a 2-pin separate box with a buildable combustion chamber (RDA, RTA).

Starter Kit is the right choice for smoking cessation and short-term use, but in the long run the box and separate combustion chamber will be better.

Note 3: Don’t forget to buy a separate charger for your vape device. All box mods that use 2 or more batteries are REQUIRED to be charged separately, but cannot be charged directly on the body via a USB cable, so professional models that use 2 or more batteries are removed by the manufacturer. The USB port or the USB port lock does not allow charging, a few can still charge, but the manufacturer cleverly prints a warning attached to the manual with the content: “Warranty is denied if using direct charger on the body via the USB port”. The starter kit lines use 1 battery that can be charged with a cable, but the removable charger is also quite effective to help you increase the life of your Vape device, in addition, you can store an extra battery outside for backup.

Charge vape battery 

Note 4: If using TANK or make sure that coil is marketed! The manufacturer’s built-in coil (commonly called OCC in Vietnam) is a “small combustion chamber” located inside the tank that is responsible for heating the essential oil to convert it into steam. However, TANK uses a combustion chamber made by the manufacturer, so before buying a TANK combustion chamber, you should ask the seller if they sell the coil for your TANK combustion chamber? If not, stop buying immediately because the average life of an “OCC” coil is about 2-3 weeks and if you don’t have an “OCC” coil to replace it, you may have to abandon the entire combustion chamber because can not be used.

Note 5: Pay attention when choosing essential oils. Choose an essential oil that matches the type of vape or POD SYSTEM you have chosen.